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Isla's Story

At 4 months she ended up in hospital again after a bout of strep throat. Her chest X-rays plus "failure to thrive" took us to the BC Children's Hospital whereby she was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis Obliterans by HRCT with pulmonary hypertension. She has since been on 0.5L of oxygen 24/7, nebulizers, and azithromycin.

She's slowly gaining weight thanks to my high fat soups! She's doing very well and hasn't been sick since she started her treatment 5 months ago. We know there's a long road ahead but desperately hope she continues to thrive. She's a feisty little baby and very determined so I have no doubt she'll do just fine once we get a little "chub" on her.Her doctor (Respirologist) is Dr. Seear at BC Children's, Vancouver, BC. Her paediatrician is Dr. Duncan in Kelowna, BC

I'm extremely thankful to have found this organization. It has helped tremendously. I was beginning to feel very alone.