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Calls cost 7p per minute, plus your operator’s access charge. This is a call forwarding service which will connect you directly to the official helpline.

The UK’s Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency is the database and regulation body for the roads in Britain. If you are searching for a DVLA contact number then scroll through this page and find the advisor that you need. Our staff merely find all these numbers and conduct information from the public domain to help you with a hassle-free dealing with DVLA.

DVLA Contact Number

If you hope to drive on UK roads then you will need to gain a licence from this agency, plus you will have to notify them whenever you change your number plates or purchase a new private plate, about your car tax, for vehicle checks and many other enquiries. Their customer service is a friendly team based in Swansea, Wales. They will help you with everything you need but it could be worth first visiting their website.

Why Phone DVLA Call Centre?

The organisation is a complex one and is made up of numerous departments, so that means there’s many reasons that people give them a call.

The main reasons people get in contact with the DVLA includes;

  • Calling about practical and theory tests
  • About a speeding fine
  • Call about MOT expiration
  • To SORN your vehicle
  • Register new plates

DVLA Helpline

There’s a whole list of helplines and contact numbers that can put your straight through to the expert that you require, we enable you to bypass call queues and make it easy for you to reach the department that you need.

DVLA Website

Much like government run websites, DVLA, has a whole range of information. If you wish to apply for your practical driving test, theory test or want to check your MOT then you can logon to the official DVLA website.


SORN stands for Statutory Off Road Notification. If you wish to be exempt from car tax and your car is no longer on the road then you can announce it SORN. It must not be parked on a public or should not be used. Fill in the SORN forms online, from a post office or call the DVLA customer service.

Medical Enquiries

If you’re unsure on whether your medical condition stops you from driving then you should call the DVLA. Your doctor will usually let you know but it’s your responsibility to check. If you have epilepsy or other serious medical conditions then you should find out with the Driving Licensing and Vehicles Agency.

Driving License

You must pass your theory test and practical test before being able to receive your driving licence. If you have had your licence stolen or think you have lost it, then report this to the police and apply for a new licence over the phone.

Making a Complaint

If you need to make a complaint then you should phone their official complaints number. If it is not dealt with accordingly then send them an e-mail or write to Complaints Team.