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Calls cost 7p per minute, plus your operator’s access charge. This is a call forwarding service which will connect you directly to the official helpline.

This well-known e-wallet has fast become the shopper’s choice when it comes to payment and despite it being an online option, you can find a PayPal contact number if you have any concerns. You can e-mail them and also start dispute or voice concerns via their website but sometimes there’s nothing that can take the place of a phone-call.

We aren’t part of their company or any others for that matter, we simply help you connect to the advisor that you need. We are an independent call-forwarding service that enables you to dig out the exact phone number that you need.

PayPal Customer Service – 0800 358 7911

The easiest number of theirs to get in touch with is the customer service number. But with that said, they do receive a high volume of calls and once you have endured the call waiting time you will then be transferred to the specialist department that you are in need of.

Unless of course, you find the exact phone number that you need here and then get in touch with the correct help desk.

About PayPal

The company started their journey in 1998 and were the go-to payment method on eBay but fast-forward to today and eBay have bought the company and it’s now synonymous with all Internet payments. The e-wallet ensures secure payments and makes paying retailers easy. With almost 200 million users it’s desired by retailers too and is still growing. It is easy to sign-up and if you’re an existing member, then you can login and connect it with other websites for an easy payment method.

PayPal Account

Any suspicious behaviour should be reported and if you’re still concerned then you should give them a ring. There’s a number of reasons to get in contact and if it can’t be resolved by simply logging in then you may wish to call their customer services.

Write to Them

You don’t have to call them, you can also write a formal letter to them. Known for being a complex company to contact via messages and disputes, a letter or phone call may well be worth it.

Write a letter to:

PayPal Customer Services

5 New Street Square



If you are receiving phishing or scam emails then PayPal take this very seriously and you should write to [email protected]

Social Media

Their media team are very helpful and not only will you find a number of tips and online advice but you can also get in contact through their media accounts. Check out Facebook and Twitter for more information on their latest news and updates.