Who We Are

Here at Breathtakers, we are a small team of workers that enable you to find the exact contact number that you require. We have been experts in this industry for decades and our accumulated experience ensures that we find all of the most relevant information for you.

Find the telephone number that you need for Government related issues, to claim income support or to make a complaint to a retailer. There are phone numbers for online shops, benefits, mobile phones and just about any company you can imagine.

Calling big professional outfits can often take a long time due to the automated messages you have to endure, plus having to wait in the call queue and struggling to find the correct phone number. That is where we come in, we enable you to find the telephone numbers and helplines that you require, make a complaint, report a lost bankcard or make a general enquiry with ease.

Telephone Numbers & Helplines

As previously mentioned, we have a large directory with contact numbers for DVLA, HMRC, Asda, Easyjet, Carer’s Allowance, Sky, BT and many more. We have unravelled the phone number that you need from the public domain and made it easier for you to find what you need.

Making a Complaint

Although there are many reasons to call these big corporations , often people enquire or make a complaint.

  • When making a complaint over the telephone you should try to call the complaints department directly.
  • Have a paper and pen ready to take notes and ensure that you have the reference number on hand.
  • If you are unhappy with how your situation has been dealt with then you should escalate the matter, you can do this by putting it into writing via e-mail or post.
  • Finally, it is possible to get in contact with the ombudsman and gaining advice if you are not happy with the attempted rectification.

Reasons for Contact Numbers

Why should you find different contact details online? There are plenty of reasons to call, here some of the most common.

  • Making a complaint
  • For general enquiries
  • For advice
  • Reporting a change to your account
  • Fraudulent activity or a lost card
  • Joining the company
  • Switching address
  • More information about applying

Find Your Number

We have a directory full of various phone numbers, find the one that you require here. You can save yourself time and money as we forward you to the correct personnel or operator that you require.