Previously, Breathtakers Trust was the only UK registered charity ‘specifically’ supporting Obliterative Bronchiolitis and their aim was to support families affected by this rare disease, raise awareness with doctors and other professionals and support initiatives, which will benefit OB sufferers.

Now, we’re dedicated to just one cause – and that’s to remind you to take a breath when you’re angry with a service, or making a complaint by telephone. It’s easy to launch straight into a tirade in a desperate attempt to get the matter resolved, but taking a deep breath can often help you get your message across more clearly.

With Breath Takers, our dedicated team unravel the UK’s contact numbers and make your job easy. It can be quite a nuisance having to phone around big companies and it’s often more of a challenge than many realise. It’s time to take a breath.

… Our dedicated team unravel the UK’s contact numbers and make your job easy.

Putting You In Touch

There are certain service providers, big organisations and companies that all have the power to showcase their services on the biggest platforms but you can shop around and enquire about numerous companies. On top of that, you can also make your complaints and problems clear by calling the correct phone number.

Government and DVLA

Our team have picked out some of the largest companies in the UK and have the contact directory that you need, so if you are looking to call DVLA about your driving licence or points on your licence then find the DVLA contact number and speak to their friendly customer service team.

Energy Companies

If you’d like to make a complaint to one of the big six energy companies or subscribe to a new company then you can call the likes of E.ON and British Gas. These two companies are just a third of the biggest in the country and they offer a number of tariffs including green energy and renewable energy.

Multimedia Services

If you wish to get a Sky bundle, Sky Mobile or Sky TV then who else to call, but Sky customer services? If you prefer Virgin or wish to cancel your Virgin Media subscription then call their official phone number and speak to an expert.

Mobile Networks

If you’re a current EE customer or you are looking to join the service then call the EE contact number and speak to the customer service team. They can answer to your enquiry whether it’s to upgrade, cancel your contract or make a complaint. You can have a look at the monthly contract deals online and then phone to question the prices and to see if they can tailor the deal to your requirements.

Who are Breath Takers?

Our skilled team manage to unearth the cheapest numbers to call and our breathtaking service will help you get a chance to get yours back, so sit back and relax as we pinpoint customer service telephone numbers and help you resolve all queries whether it concerns your mobile phone, energy provider, TV provider or driving licence.